Fallen Earth

Welcome to the Apocalypse

Fallen Earth Free to Play Massively Multiplayer

In 2156 the world has been destroyed by nuclear warfare and disease. Despite the advanced technology, the world is decimated leaving only isolated communities, cut off from each other and struggling to survive. As humanity rebuilds distinct factions are formed, each carving their way out life out of the ruins - through any means necessary. As a clone created for unknown purpose and surrounded by hostile survivors, you find yourself making your way in a dangerous and uncertain wasteland.

Explore over 1000 square kilometers of the Grand Canyon, from rocky deserts to the lush Kaibab Forest to the mutated ravaged land left from nuclear fallout.

Skill based, classless advancement allows you to play the character you want. From wielding pistols, to throwing mutations to salvaging and crafting, you chose from Stats, Skill and Mutations and Tradeskills to decide from.

Clones can build the wasteland from scratch, literally. 95% of all gear is crafted, from weapons to consumables to motorcycles and cars and even camps and farms.

Join one of six distinct factions to get access to faction-exclusive content, weapons, armor and recipes. From the savage CHOTA to the former military Enforcers, the nature loving Vista and the Techs who would stop at nothing to rebuild the tools of the pre-fall word, the nurturing Lightbearers or the corrupt mafia influenced Travelers, your faction determines your allies, and your enemies.

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  • Want to prove your faction should control the wasteland? Battle against other factions for control of towns and strategic keeps. The more land your faction holds the more you benefit.
  • Take on other clones in Bloodsports, Fallen Earth’s arena based PVP. From the every-man for himself Deathmatch to team based Capture The Flag and objective based Assault, Bloodsports provides fast paced exciting PVP in challenging levels
  • Reclaim land from hostile mutants and build your own player-designed towns. Once your towns are build, defend them from the vicious inhabitants of the wastes.
  • Join with other high-level players to take on world bosses in epic fights for rare gear and recipes.
  • Looking for a part of the wasteland to call your own? Happier rebuilding civilization then destroying it? Find a quiet spot and build and maintain your own farm. You can grow your own crops or raise your own farm animals all from your front porch.
  • Explore towns and discover the secrets behind the fall of civilization as well as the people who are trying to rebuild it as you play through missions and complete challenging instances with your friends.